Kuruluş Yılı : 29.12.1995
Ticaret Sicil No : 17956
Mersis No : 0451004579900015

  • Guven Metal, metal powders of high quality turkey, metal wool, concrete reinforcing fiber (steel fibers) is a firm producers and traders.
  • Guven Metal, is aware about the importance and vitality of the quality and service given to the customers. This is the reason Güven Metal stands strong and with confidence , since our customers are always assured that both the metal fiber and metal powder produced by using the highest quality and tecnology.
  • Guven Metal, is at the customers’ disposal starting from the day of its establishment and committed to providing the customers wirh the total quality of excellence of products and service which is advancing every year with the experinces gained.
  • Guven Metal, efforts on every stage of manufacturing from the arrival of the raw materials to the shipment of the product and later through to after sales service were rewarded quality assurance systems such as ISO 9001:2008 to guarantee the quality of our products.
  • Guven Metal, uses Total Quality Management (TQM) practices to increase the quality and effectiveness of its management system as whole.

​Our Vision

  • To be valued as an indispensable brand and gain the mastery with the principles we have on product, facility, confidence and quality.

Our Mission

  • To offer good quality of product and facility to distinguish our customers with the leader-innovative solutions and corporate identity by considering our customers’ demands with sensibility of production and attentive of the product.


  • Quality
  • Analytical
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Training
  • Flexibility
  • Responsibility to environment
  • Focus on Client
  • Responsibility
  • Permanent Development
  • Investiveness (Creativity)
  • Competitorship and Group Work


  • To perpetuate our achievements both in Turkey and international,
  • To move with strong steps to be leader in Copper Wire industry, to increase our brand power and to follow up the tecnology,
  • To increase our profitability in periods and grow up by keeping annual profitability,
  • To cause our customers to perceive the satisfaction in every stage of sale and after sale

Quality policy

  • In order to exist in market and increase our market share, offering high quality products providing our customer’s continuous satisfaciton is our main policy.
  • We are fully concious that good quality product can only be manufactured through trained staff, high quality raw material and using all means of modern tecnology.
  • For this purpose, to satisfy our employees training on the direction of the company’s aims and personal development.
  • To obey legal regulations and the current law in our work and to conform to all related norms and customer spesifications is our policy.
  • To set our quality management system as an example for the sector of our activity in continuous development of the system is our policy.
  • To determine the quality image of our products in the market, providing regular flow of information with our customers is our policy.
  • Continuous development of all processes efecting the quality of our products is our policy.